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tv   Newsline  NHK World  June 27, 2014 12:00am-12:31am JST

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welcome to nhk world "newsline." i'm gene otani in tokyo. here is a look at some of the stories we are following this hour. the movements of a north korean ship could be revealing hopes for closer relations with japan. australia's deputy prime minister says the search for malaysia airlines flight 370 will be moved further south. an nhk survey has found that
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many evacuees from japan's worst nuclear disaster have given up hope of ever going hope. the movements of the north korean ship could be revealing hopes for closer relations with japan. analysts in pyongyang believe japanese counterparts will lift a sanctions they have placed on the vessel in the near future. the vessel has returned to its home port. analysts say that could mean workers are preparing it for the possibility of trips to japan. the ship used to sail back and forth carrying cargo japanese officials banned it in 2006 because north korea test fired ballistic missiles. japanese leaders banned it. japanese leaders agreed last month to lift some of their sanctions but maintain their ban on the ship. officials from japan and north korea will meet again next week. analysts suggest the ship's return to its home port shows officials in pyongyang have high expectations. they say the north koreans hope the talks will pave the way for the ship to sail into japanese waters once again.
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a special group of japanese arrived in pyongyang on thursday. they are relatives of those that died during the turmoil at the end of world war ii in what is today north korea. the issue of how to deal with japanese remains left became part of the agreement that the two countries reach in stockholm last month. north korea's decision to allow the japanese relatives to visit appears to reflect pyongyang's intention to advance the bilateral talks. nhk world takahide nagasuna reports from pyongyang. >> reporter: nine japanese arrived in pyongyang on saturday. they were to tour the coastal cities on the sea of japan for
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the purpose of concerning their alleged family members. >> translator: it is wonderful we can finally visit here. our wish has come true. i am very grateful to the japanese and north american governments. >> many japanese died of starvation or cold after troops from the former soviet union invaded the peninsula just before the end of world war ii. the bodies of over 20,000 japanese are believed to be still buried in the country. north korea has allowed japanese relatives to make commemorative trips since 2012. japanese media have also been allowed to accompany them. >> this visit is the first since japan and north korea reached an agreement in bilateral talks in stockholm last month. the agreement says pyongyang
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promises to set up a special investigation to look into the whereabouts of the wartime remains and burial grounds of the japanese. it will also investigate the fate of missing japanese in the north including those abducted by north korean agents. pyongyang will soon announce the establishment of the special investigation community after high-level talks about japanese government officials. the latest move by the north to accept the visitors and open the event to japanese media is viewed as evidence of its willingness to move the talks forward. pyongyang is also likely to be aiming to ease the harsh criticism it provoked in japan in connection with the abduction
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issue. takahide nagusana, nhk world, pyongyang. pyongyang. iraqi prime minister nuri al maliki has rejected calls to create a more inclusive government. he is facing criticism he instigated the sunni insurgency favoring the majority shia. u.s. president barack obama last week challenged him to present a unified front among iraq's three main groups and some political parties are urging him to step down to establish a national salvation government. maliki says it represents a coup against the constitution. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is to meet with foreign ministers this week to discuss iraq's crisis. he will talk with ministers from the uae and israel and saudi arabia's king abdullah.
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government forces in iraq are countering attacks by sunni militants. the insurgents hit a military air base wednesday north of baghdad and they are fighting government forces around baiji the site of the country's largest oil refinery. australia's deputy prime minister says the search for malaysia airlines flight 370 will move farther south. warren truss spoke to reporters on thursday about the missing plane. >> we are now shifting our attention to an area further south of the area along that arc. >> truss said the new search areas was determined after a review of satellite data and the plane's flight path. he says it is highly likely it was an autopilot before it crashed into the indian ocean. it disappeared after taking off for beijing on march 8th. 239 people were on board. investigators searched the indian ocean off northwest australia. they have yet to find any clues.
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the new search is likely to start sometime in august. it will cover some 60,000 square kilometers and is expected to take months. china's chief of taiwan affairs is on his first visit to the island. jung gi jun, used the opportunity to meet with local people. he is there as part of efforts to boost bilateral relations. he met with the thailand's affair chief. he visit on thursday. jun mingled with housewives taking part in a dance class at a community center. he posed for photos and joked that he hopes dancing will help them regain their youth. he also spent time at a nursing home for senior citizens. >> translator: i had a really good time meeting people. it is a great opportunity to know the real life here. >> many people in taiwan remain
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cautious about relations with china. earlier this year, students occupied taiwan's legislature for more than three weeks. they were protesting a trade pact with china that would open up the service sector. the u.s. president and the italian prime minister are concerned that moscow may be dragging its feet on helping to ease the tensions in eastern ukraine. they have agreed to work together if additional sanctions against russia are needed. barack obama and mateo renci discussed the fighting between ukrainian forces and pro-russian militants. the white house says they confirmed that moscow must urge the pro-russian separatists to lay down their arms. they want russia to take concrete actions to stop weapons flowing into ukraine. obama and renci agreed the ukrainian government and separatists should continue negotiations to realize a peace
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plan. ukrainian president, petro poroshenko, declared a cease-fire as part of the plan. pro-russian separatists agreed to accept it on monday but the fighting continues. kiev is criticizing moscow for backing the militants. they say there are differences between the u.s. and the eu on sanctions as russia is a major energy supplier for europe. obama wants to consult other eu issues on the sanctions issue. u.s. vice president joe biden and singapore's prime minister lee hsien loong have discussed tensions in the south china sea. they've agreed on the importance of finding peaceful resolutions to territorial disputes. biden and lee met on wednesday at the white house. they discussed their concern over the situation in the region in an apparent reference to china. officials say the two leaders reiterated their mutual commitment in international law and the peaceful resolution of
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maritime and territorial disputes. they say biden reaffirmed america's pledge to rebalance toward asia and he also mentioned efforts to deepen engagement with the region. the meeting was held amid tension between vietnam and china over territorial claims in the south china sea. vietnamese leaders are angry at their chinese counterparts for setting up a oil rig near the disputed paracel islands. the united states is reportedly scaling down its military support for the philippines' campaign against islamist insurgents. we have the latest in bangkok. >> u.s. forces have been helping the philippine military combat islamic militants in the south of the country for more than a decade. a joint operation seems to be working. the militants are apparently
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losing strength. ap reports the u.s. is disbanning its anti-terror task force in the philippines comprised of a couple hundred troops. washington began supporting poorly equipped philippine forces about a year after the 9/11 terror attacks, providing hardware, training and intelligence. their main targets were abu sayyaf and other militant islamic groups believed to be linked to al qaeda. abu sayyaf has dwindled from having several thousand members to a few hundred. its supposed spiritual leader was detained earlier this month. the group is said to have split into several gangs engaged in kidnappings and other criminal behavior. the philippines remains an important strategic ally of the united states. the two countries in april signed a deal to boost military cooperation, especially in maritime security. their navies on thursday began
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six days of joint exercises. some drills will be conducted in the south china sea where the philippines and china have territorial disputes. >> this exercise that we're in now here in the philippines is designed to improve our interoperability, build our relationships so we know each other better and be able to do these more complex things in support of one another, whatever the event might be. >> the u.s. is adjusting its military focus in the philippines from fighting terrorism to monitoring the rapid growth of china's presence in the asia-pacific region. hundreds of kilograms of confiscated narcotics have been ceremoniously burned in myanmar. the authorities destroyed the drug hauls on thursday to mark international day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking. myanmar is the world's second largest producer of opium.
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over 130 million dollars of drugs confiscated during the past year were set in three major cities. 1.7 million methamphetamine tablets valued at $8.7 million were among the narcotics that went up in flames. >> translator: more work needs to be done to eradicate drugs from our society. we've extended the deadline to rid myanmar of drugs by five more years, to 2019. >> the united nations estimates that myanmar is the second largest supplier of opium after afghanistan, accounting for almost 25% of global poppy production. myanmar has many ambitious targets not limited to tackling illegal drugs. the country known as asia's last economic frontier wants to become a major destination for foreign investors. hard-working young graduates are
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also setting aggressive goals. for years, the future looked bleak, but at last they can aspire to a successful international career. nhk world's thi ha thwe reports. >> reporter: the largest city in myanmar, yangon is the country's business center. about 50 foreign companies set up booths at a job fair that opened last friday. this japanese firm is looking for people with potential to become senior managers around the world. these companies see myanmar as a treasure trove of untapped human potential. 21 years old, he joined a japanese firm last month. he is in line to eventually become an executive. he graduated top of his class at the japanese language faculty at
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his university. he speaks three languages including english. he entered the university while the military still ruled myanmar. the country was struggling and there was economic sanctions and few foreign firms operated here. people like him had little hope for the future. but he has made remarkable progress over the past three years as it shifted to democracy. foreign companies are lining up to do business and that means more opportunities for residents. his company offers services such as towing away broken down cars. a new concept to many people here. >> the economy -- >> translator: foreign businesses are providing services that weren't available in myanmar before.
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i see a bright future for both my country and myself. >> reporter: japanese staffing agencies are also setting up shop. this agency visited a university in the second largest city. 150 students are enrolled at the university's japanese language school. >> translator: japanese firms are looking for people who can work around the world because they need to beat the competition from other countries. >> translator: there's a lot of talent here ready to compete with people from other countries. >> translator: it's a gold mine here. japanese companies are looking for people who can work not just in myanmar but across asia. if they can get what they want, they're sure to expand further in the region. >> reporter: myanmar is attracting attention from around the world and human resources is heating up. at last the future looks bright for the nation's talented job
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seekers. thi ha thwe, nhk world, yango and that wraps up our bulletin. i'm dhra dhirakaosal in bangkok. shareholders and the firm that owns japan's crippled nuclear plant have voted on the company's future. some want tokyo electric power company to get out of the nuclear business after the accident in fukushima. a majority voted to stick with it. more than 2000 shareholders of tepco held their annual meeting discussing how to respond to the accident three years ago. the facility still posing threats. hundreds of tons of radioactive water is thought to flow into the ocean every day. the engineers trying to plug leaking tanks have run into one snag after another.
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>> translator: i would like to apologize to the people of fukushima and to the wider community for causing so much trouble and anxiety with the contaminated water and the tank problems. >> executives plan to restart other nuclear facilities run by the firm. some shareholders said that's outrageous. they proposed scrapping them. executives said nuclear power is a vital part of the nation's basic energy plan. most shareholders voted to stay the course. stockholders of other japanese power firms held their annual meetings the same day and voted to stay nuclear. nhk has found an increasing number of evacuees from fukushima have given up hope of ever returning to their hometowns. they plan to resettle elsewhere. officials have designated the land around the crippled plant as no entry zones or areas where
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people can make short visits. there is no prospect of people being able to return to their homes any time soon. the residents of these evacuation zones can claim tax deductions if they buy a house or land in other places. nhk has found that about 1400 applicants were given tax breaks during the fiscal year that ended in march. more than double the figure for the previous year. many evacuees are now weighing their options and they're wrestling with tough decisions. nhk world mitsuko nishikawa reports. >> reporter: this man evacuated from the town ten kilometers from fukushima daiichi. he lives with his wife and mother in an apartment in chiba prefecture, east of tokyo. he used to be a part-time farmer. he lived in a house surrounded by rice and vegetable fields.
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>> translator: i know i can never return but i feel attached to the place because i lived there for decades. >> reporter: inagaki gave up hope of returning to namir. he decided to settle in a new city 150 kilometers from his hometown. he bought an old house last year. he made the decision for his grandchildren. his four grandchildren live outside fukushima as evacuees. they don't know anything about namir. he says he wanted to give them a new hometown. he worries if he can fit in with his new neighbors, but he's determined to build ties in the community. >> translator: i've convinced myself that a new chapter of my
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life starts here. >> reporter: but some people are not as fortunate as inagaki. they have no option but to continue living in their temporary housing. uki kotaji also evacuated from namir. her husband passed away after the disaster. she takes care of her mother and father who live in the same housing complex. they're in their 80s and have heart problems. she takes her parents to their home once a week and helps them to clean out the house, but their place is in a restricted area. residents are allowed to visit, but they can't live there. >> translator: my utmost desire is that we live in peace in this house when the decontamination
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is completed. i will feel sorry for our ancestors if we abandon their home. >> reporter: her son decided to settle in the town he evacuated to after the disaster. he wants his mother to live with him. but she feels she should respect her parents' strong wish to return to their hometown. >> translator: i want to live with my son and his children but i can't abandon my parents. >> reporter: evacuees have to make tough choices because of the power plant disaster. they can make a fresh start somewhere else or wait until the situation improves. but their lives will be difficult, whatever they decide to do. mitsuko nishikawa. nhk world.
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a tropical system is developing in the philippines. our meteorologist, jonathan oh, is here to tell us more. jonathan. hello. we have been monitoring a low pressure system developing over the philippines. as we take a look at the satellite perspective, we don't see a clear area of circulation. it is continuing to gather steam and picking up the warm core characteristics bringing a large amount of rain into the philippines. anywhere from 90-120 millimeters of rainfall during a 24-hour period. we are expecting it to become a tropical depression as we head into friday. as we look forward through the next few days, this system will bring a lot more rainfall. the greatest concern is flooding. the landslides that come from the flooding. so we're looking at up to 100 millimeters of rainfall in lazon and also into other parts of the philippines for the next 72 hours.
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we definitely will have to continue to monitor the situation because this flow that continues to come in from the south and west, that's pumping in all that moisture. that's going to really become the main concern. we are looking further to the north into parts of china and the yangsi river basin. the rainy season front has moved slightly northward. we are looking at anywhere from 60-80 millimeters of rainfall each day as we go into the weekend through sunday. a lot of rainfall will be taking place. meanwhile, just to let you know, okinawa is exiting the rainy season. areas slightly north of there into kyushu kawashima. you may be dealing with 120-140 millimeters of rainfall as we go into the weekend.
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the rainy season has not completely cleared the area. it looks like in general, japan and south korea will be dealing with dryer conditions as we head into friday. high of 31 in beijing, 29 in seoul. 27 in tokyo. shanghai, manila and bangkok, you will be seeing a chance for rain when we look into our fridays. let's take a look at the americas. we are mainly watching a system located in the rockies. this low pressure system is continuing to develop. it is a very slow-moving system. we are concerned that with the warm air surging in from the south, a possibility of severe weather will be taking place throughout thursday. anywhere from montana, wyoming, the dakotas, down into north texas. on the flip side, on the west coast, very windy conditions. that's increasing the fire danger weather for the u.s. desert southwest. definitely need to look out for low humidity and windy conditions. active weather in the central plains, also very warm weather in the deep south with unstable weather. humid conditions as well as looking out for highs of 31 in atlanta, 32, miami. very warm weather with the possibility of some strong thunderstorms into denver with a high of 32 on tuesday. let's wrap things up with a look at europe. we are monitoring a low pressure system that quickly skirted over
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the italian peninsula. we have warm air coming from the south, cooler air from the north. that clash is opening up the skies with a possibility of seeing some severe weather on thursday. anywhere highlighted in red from the italian peninsula into the central portions of the bulkan, you are looking at the threat for anywhere from gusty winds to the possibility of large hail, maybe an isolated tornado. so please make sure you are looking out for that. but the southern balkan peninsula into western turkey, you will be dealing with warmer weather, highs near 40 under sunny conditions. we are also looking out for clouds increasing in the british isles. that's a look at your forecast. hope you have a good day wherever you are. here is your extended outlook.
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that's "newsline" for this hour. i'm gene otani in tokyo.
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shia militias are preparing for battle in the iraqi capital, baghdad. sectarian strife is set to rip the country apart. a sunni extremist group linked to al qaeda, suddenly seized control of iraq's second largest city, mosul, on june 10th. iraqi troops that fled the scene were shocked by the group's combat capability.


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